Vanadium Reflow Battery, Critical Minerals

An opportunity to secure a range of critical battery minerals for the era of electrification

Our tenements offer the critical battery minerals of Kaolin, Vanadium, and High-purity Silica, which are now (2023) on the Critical Mineral List that the Australian Federal Government has issued. Gold, Copper, Cobalt and DSO Iron Ore targets are also included in this Project. As such, we offer companies that want to diversify, or start an IPO, an opportunity to enter into this mineral space. Tenement Attributes: - E 58/545 - granted, four block license - has a target of 6-10 million tonnes of vanadium; - E 57/1213 - in application, four block license - has 750 metres linear strike of 300 metre wide vanadium bands assaying 0.5% Vanadium Oxide which represents a walk-up vanadium resource waiting to be drilled; - E 59/2409 - in application, 7 block license - contains an inferred kaolin resource of 58 million tonnes @ 86% brightness, exhibits Montmorillonite which is a platy mineral similar to halloysite (needs investigation); also has a target of 50 million tonnes of DSO iron ore; - E 70/5670 - granted, four block license that has possible halloysite kaolin; - E 70/5672 - granted, one block license that exhibits fine to coarse platy kaolin, with some halloysite; - E 51/2077 - 15 Graticular blocks, now granted - has gold, copper, cobalt and zinc anomalies which have never been drill-tested. Recent research has discovered a reference to two silica-rich outcrops (97% silica) that are 1500 metres in length on this lease, and field exploration in May 2023 has located this High-purity Silica Deposit. This package of tenements offers excellent exposure to a range of Critical Battery Minerals: Vanadium, Kaolin and Silica Sand. The gold, copper, cobalt and zinc credits which E 51/2077 has are padding to ensure a company is well diversified. The DSO iron ore potential (50M ton target) adds to the investment incentive. Preliminary resource estimates of 58M tonnes of kaolin on E59/2409, plus the 6-10M ton target of vanadium on granted E 58/545, plus a walk-up drill target of vanadium on E57/1213, plus the potential of a massive high purity silica sand deposit on E 51/2077 make this offer much more than a greenfield company float. And as the world turns away from fossil fuels and pursues clean energy production, this new era of electrification will need the efficient storage of this energy through battery technology. Please click the links below for the latest Presentation:

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